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The Peril of Knowing: The Conscious Dreamer Series Book 2

Sometimes we’re our own worst enemy.


Without giving it a second thought, serial over-achiever Lauren left her life behind and joined the fight against the imminent alien invasion. However, when it doesn’t seem like any progress is being made, she takes matters into her own hands. And gets kidnapped.

Roxal may have escaped the false gods who enslaved her, but she doesn’t feel free. Living within a Resistor group, she gets an up-close view of their fight against her former captors. But this leaves Roxal struggling to come to terms with what people do in the name of war.

Both Lauren and Roxal are fighting to make their lives make sense again. Can Lauren successfully stop the aliens planning to invade Earth? And can Roxal figure out who the enemy really is before it’s too late? Will these women survive the danger that comes from knowing the truth?

Buy your copy of The Peril of Knowing today and discover if Lauren and Roxal can learn to tell friend from foe before it's too late.

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