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Advance Read & Review Team


1) Do you like to read?

2) Do you like telling people your opinion of the books you read?


If you answered yes to these questions, then you're just the person I'm looking for. I'm creating a group for people interested in reading and reviewing advanced copies of my novels. If that's you, sign up below.


I will only contact Advance Read & Review (A.R.R.) Team members when I have a novel for you to review. And, you get to decide if you're interested. If you aren't interested in reading and reviewing a novel I'm offering, you don't have to download it.


The only requirements to join this group are as follows:


1) You have to be eighteen (18)  years old or older.

2) If you agree to review a novel and download a review copy, you must have the novel read and the review posted wherever you like within eight (8) weeks of receiving the novel.

3) You have to agree not to share your copy of the novel with anyone. You also have to agree not to distribute the novel to anyone.


That's it. So sign up below if you're interested.




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